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It has been suggested that Health Insurance be renamed Disease Insurance because care is limited to the treatment of symptoms and effects of diseases. Dental Insurance, like Health Insurance is not designed to promote the health of the individual. Dental insurance provides for only the very basic services in many cases and is designed to make a profit for the insurance company. A dental practice that is driven by insurance has to be more concerned with the business bottom line and cost containment than with the patients' health. They survive by providing minimal care to a high volume of patients with little time for individual needs. In many cases, the price of the service and the limits of treatment placed by the insurance company determine the care provided. Insurance companies are obligated to make a profit for shareholders. Treatment covered is based on premiums payed by your employer, and dollars sheltered for profit, not the treatment you may need to keep your teeth and stay healthy.

We love dentistry and work hard to be the best dentist we can be since the first day we started dental school. We have been blessed with skills, abilities, and opportunities that have allowed us to continue to grow as a dentist and a person. We practice dentistry to provide a worthwhile service, make a fair profit, and because we enjoy the people with whom we come in contact with. We feel ethically bound to provide the best care for our patients and that is difficult in the insurance environment. We enjoy building lasting relationships and enriching the quality of life for our patients and staff. This works best for us in a private care setting, not a managed care setting.

Private care locates the responsibility for health where it rightfully belongs . . . with the patient. Health results from active participation. As individuals, we make the most powerful contribution to our health and well-being, not the doctor, not prescription drugs, not surgical treatment, and not insurance. Private care gives you the right to choose the level of dental health that is right for you. We feel that each patient should be charged a fair fee based on the treatment they receive, not based on their insurance coverage. We enjoy working with patients who are value conscious. Rarely does the cheapest price give the best long-term value in dentistry.

You can still use your dental insurance benefits, and we will be happy to help you with the paperwork and the filing, but the insurance company will pay you directly. We expect you to pay for the treatment we provide at the time of the service or according to your financial agreement.


Financial Policy

We know that extensive, quality dental treatment can be expensive. That being said, we do not want the cost to stand in the way of you receiving the treatment you want and deserve. We will make every effort to enable you to have the oral health and appearance that you desire.

Our patients understand that in order to deliver optimum dentistry, we must maintain out office on sound business principles. Therefore, we inform our patients of our financial policies at the very beginning of our relationship to avoid misunderstandings.

We accept major credit cards and personal checks. Extended payment plans are available for qualified individuals for subsequent treatment.

Treatment plans are presented to all patients before any work begins to insure there is full understanding of the procedures. The cost and the time required to perform the services is also discussed. If at any time it is necessary to change the treatment plan and additional charges or credits are applicable, this is explained to the patient and agreed to before the services are rendered.

Financial arrangements are not made based on insurance reimbursement. However, we are pleased to bill your insurance carrier for you and have them reimburse you directly.

In comprehensive treatment we offer 5% discount when payment is made in full by cash or personal check before treatment is started.

Payment in full for prosthetic restorations is required before the delivery appointment.

The fees quoted apply only to services performed in our office and do not apply to services provided by other health care professionals associated with your treatment.


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